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Here at Paradise Ridge Dentistry, we recognize that your financial situation plays a significant role in your continued dental care. That’s why we work hard to offer quality dentistry at an affordable price. When looking for an affordable dentist, you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality dental care. We use high-quality materials and the latest technologies, combined with proven methods of keeping your costs down.

Our Conservative Approach

You never have to be concerned about being pressured into treatment at Paradise Ridge Dentistry. We will offer you the pros and cons for each treatment options to avoid overselling you.

Many dentists are determined to treat patients with the ultimate dental solution. Here at Paradise Ridge Dentistry, we will always let you know what the standard of care is. We understand the need for affordable dentistry so you will always be provided alternative options. We care about you and your family’s dental health, therefore we will do our best to make your dental care reasonable by giving you alternative treatment options and payment plans.

Examples of Less Expensive Alternatives

Dental problems can be treated in more than one way. For example, dental implants are the best and healthiest solution for missing teeth. They are a long-lasting esthetic and they look and feel like your natural teeth. If your budget is the primary concern, there are other options to replace missing teeth. One alternative, for example, is a dental bridge, which is less expensive yet still esthetically attractive. Many people choose this option due to their insurance coverage. Another example is if you have an aging parent who has missing teeth. In this case, a removable partial denture may be a better option due to their circumstance. Our focus is to recommend the best and healthiest options for you and your family that fit within your budget.

Affordable Fees

In our office, we specialize in financing in order to save you money, time, and provide you with the quality care that you deserve. Our well-organized team takes great pride in using high-quality materials and the most up-to-date techniques to work at their highest level of efficiency.

Phasing Treatment Over Time

Often times people come to our practice because of a dental emergency and have ignored their teeth for years. We understand your circumstances and know that you can be challenged with the dental work that lies ahead. In order to make this dentistry affordable, treatment can be staged over time. If this happens to be your situation, we promise to put a plan in place based on your needs now and long term.

What Insurance Do We Accept

At Paradise Ridge Dentistry we accept over 99% of the PPO plans. Give us a call to see if we accept your plan and for a FREE benefits check.


Affordable Dentistry Finance Options and Payment Plan Options

Helping you find the ideal finance option and/or payment plan options that fit your budget is important to us. We never recommend delaying dental treatment due to the impact it may have on your dental health. Many times it is necessary to start treatment right away to avoid more trouble and expense later. We’re here to help you understand which payment option is best for you. Visit our Payment Options page to choose one of our great plans by clicking here, or give us a call anytime, and we’ll be happy to go over them with you. We’re here seven days a week for your convenience.

Dentistry can be affordable. Please give us a call, or you can request an appointment online by clicking on our request an appointment button at the top of the page.

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