Dental Safety Protocols

Dental Safety Protocols

For Everyone's Safety

Due to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, we have established advanced and routine dental safety procedures for your safety and the safety of our staff. We have also provided an outline of the safety procedures to show patients what our staff is doing behind the scenes. It's important to us that you and your loved ones feel comfortable and confident while under our care.

Advanced Safety Protocols

Air Scrubber By Aerus

Air Scrubber by AerusWe've installed an air scrubber filtration system as an advanced safety measure to ensure our patient's safety. This filtration is meant to remove pollutants in the air and to reduce exposure to common bacteria and viruses.

Compliance Alliance

As a private dental practice, we fall in the 1% category for advanced dental safety. For the past five years, we've used a company called Compliance Alliance to monitor our infection control. This is an expensive service, but we feel that our patient's safety is worth the additional expense. We also exceed all OSHA standards for sanitation control.

Hear from CEO/Owner Victoria Peyghambarian and Doc P. about Compliance Alliance.

Sanitation Station

Prior to being seated in the dental chair, patients will be asked to make a quick stop at the Sanitation Station.

  • Patients will be brought into the clinical area Sanitation Station to wash hands, brush teeth, and use a pre procedural rinse with Peridex, prior to entering the operatory
  • Sanitation Station will be wiped down by staff with CaviCide after patient uses it

Patient Check-In Procedures

  • Patients must complete their necessary paperwork online prior to arriving to the office.
  • Scheduled patients may not bring others to their appointments unless the patient is under 18 (only one guardian may accompany minor)
  • Patients must maintain 6' distance between each other in the lobby by standing in the designated areas
  • Front desk staff must measure each patient's temperature at each visit and documenting the results on the Patient COVID-19 Waiver
  • If patients do not comply with any of the listed safety procedures, we will not be able to provide treatment to the patient

Patient Check-out Procedures

  • Assistants will provide basic treatment plans for patients while in the operatories
  • For more extensive treatment, patients will be escorted to the front desk to wait in the designated check-out area

Entire Team Safety Procedures

  • At the beginning of each day, all team members (including doctors) must have their temperatures measured and will sign a Staff COVID-19 Waiver.

Front Office Team's Safety Procedures

  • Prop entrance door open
  • Must wear a mask at all times while with patients
  • Wipe down check-in counter and bathrooms every hour with CaviCide wipes
  • Wipe down pen, clipboard, and thermometer after each patient

Sterilization Safety Procedures

  • Clinical team must follow all infection control protocols while in sterilization (labeling bags, wearing PPE, and documentation

Clinical Team's Safety Procedures

  • Exit door is to remain propped open
  • Clinical team will wear mask at all times while with patients
  • Clinical team will wear disposable gowns while providing treatment and may not leave the clinical area (back office)
  • Hygienists must use HVE during cleanings
  • Clinical team must wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer when leaving or entering each operatory

Operatory Safety Procedures

  • All items must be removed from the operatories, except PPE, CaviCide, and supplies in bins.
  • All blankets, pillows, magazines, tissues, paper towels, and comfort baskets will be removed
  • Each operatory will be sprayed, wiped, and sprayed once again during cleaning
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