Phoenix Emergency Dentist

Phoenix Emergency Dentist

We are your true Phoenix Emergency Dentist.

There's nothing worse than having a painful, throbbing toothache, or broken tooth during the weekend. And, usually your dentist isn't open on Saturdays or Sundays to help you with these dental emergencies. As a result, you either have to wait it out or go to an urgent care for minimal help. At Paradise Ridge Dentistry, we understand what this predicament is like. We also know that dental emergencies can often be a little scary and inconvenient. This is why we are here for you. So, if you or a loved one is in need for of dentist in Phoenix, AZ, we are here to help.

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Do you have a tooth issue? We're happy to take care of you.

Paradise Pass Discount Plan

Exams, X-rays, 20% Off Treatment For One Full Year

During these unsettling times, it's important that you feel safe and well cared for. Therefore, if you have a dental emergency and no insurance, we offer a $98 discount plan called the Paradise Pass. This pass includes the exam, x-rays, and 20% off of all dental treatments including cleanings for one full year. We also accept 99.9 percent of PPO provider plans, if you have dental insurance.

Open Six Days A Week

Do you have a dental emergency? Request an online appointment with us 24/7.



PPO Plans Accepted, Dental Financing, and Payment Plans

We accept 99.9 percent of all PPO plans, and as a courtesy we will be happy to verify your insurance coverage, once you schedule an appointment with us. In order for us to verify your insurance, please also complete our New Patient forms on the Request An Appointment page.

We also offer third party financing options, in-house discount plans, and we have a great patient referral program to earn dental credits that you can learn more about below:


First Appointment Expectations

If you have an emergency and you are a new patient to Paradise Ridge Dentistry, we will have you come in for an exam and x-ray to pinpoint the issue.

In some cases we may not be able to complete your treatment within the same day. For example, if there is an infection present, we may not be able to treat you that day because we will need to prescribe you antibiotics first in order for us to numb the area. Once the infection is gone, we can safely treat the issue you are having very soon after your first visit with us.

Advanced Technology

Perhaps you chipped or broke your tooth and you are in need of a crown. We will do the exam and x-ray and we will try to fit you in to the schedule the same day for treatment. We can’t always promise that however. If we can’t fit you in the same day, our flexible schedule and advanced technology allows for you to come back within a day or two for a new crown that is made in our office within about two hours.

Not many dental offices offer such a flexible schedule and use advanced technology to speed up treatment like we can.

No More Dental Fear


Some patients avoid seeing the dentist due to fear, anxiety, or embarrassment for not keeping up on their dental care. Our compassionate dental team understands how to work with patients who have dental fear, and we never judge.

We offer IV sedation and other options of conscious sedation to help you feel calm. Both are very safe and effective sedatives that will help you feel relaxed. Also, our doctors and dental team are well known for being gentle and they understand how to make you feel relaxed during your visit.

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