Phoenix Invisalign® Braces

Phoenix Invisalign® Braces

Imagine you’ve just completed your Invisalign® braces treatment. As you look in the mirror you see the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Then you kick yourself for not straightening your teeth sooner.

We find that many of our patients end up in this same situation. They put off having the smiles they’ve always wanted because they don’t want to wear traditional braces for two or more years. For many, traditional braces with wires and brackets are just too inconvenient and uncomfortable.

At Paradise Ridge Dentistry, we still offer traditional braces, but they may not be right for everyone. That’s why we offer other orthodontic alternatives like Invisalign® braces for adults and teens. Give us a call and book a consultation with Dr. Charles today. Dr. Charles is a certified Invisalign provider for both Invisalign Teen and Invisalign Adult braces.

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Straight Teeth With Clear, Comfortable Removable Aligners

With Invisalign® braces, also known as invisible braces, you just need to wear clear, comfortable removable aligners in place of traditional wires and brackets to move your teeth into place. In fact, no one can even tell that you’re wearing the aligners. This means you won’t feel embarrassed to smile while going through the treatment.


During the Invisalign® treatment aligners are worn for about two weeks and replaced with the next series until the teeth have moved to the doctor’s prescribed position. In some situations, treatment could last for as little as four to six months depending on the difficulty of the case. For the more difficult cases treatment could last up to 18 months.

So what’s stopping you from having the smile you’ve always dreamed of? Book your adult or teen Invisalign® consultation with us today to see if you’re a candidate. During your consultation, we will discuss your treatment goals and explain how Invisalign® works.

The advantages are clear with Invisalign® Braces

  • Eat the foods you enjoy.
  • Avoid orthodontic emergencies due to poking wires and broken brackets.
  • Reduce your office visits from once a month to once every six to eight weeks.
  • Flossing and brushing is easy with Invisalign® aligners.
  • Reduce or eliminate irritation to your cheeks and gums with the smooth plastic aligners.
  • Enjoy virtually invisible teeth-straightening.

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